From the Ocean to the Mainland and the River in Between… Your 1st Call in Real Estate ™ (10 Untapped Home Buyer Tips)

Being a local Native Floridian with 3 generations of Ormond Beachside family history, Mike Glisson knows the Ormond Beach area has a lot to offer as a community!


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Whether Buying or Selling Ormond Beach real estate, when you are “ready to make it happen”…

I am just a phone call away! I’m here to make sure you avoid common mistakes when buying a home.

I outline step by step “10 Untapped Home Buyer Tips”

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10 Untapped Home Buyer Tips

  1. Tour multiple homes (Don’t fall in love too fast)
  2. Keep a checklist of your new home must haves
  3. Don’t make offers without understanding what you can afford
  4. Get Pre-Approved for Your Home Loan
  5. Don’t Try to Time the Market (adds pointless stress)
  6. Ask your realtor (their jobs to is make home buying as easy possible)
  7. Scout the near by homes
  8. Have your ducks in a row (papers, tax, and job details)
  9. Understand the process (bidding, appraisals, inspection, and closing)
  10. Tour the home area in the morning and evening (not just the viewing)


#1 Tour Multiple Homes (Don’t fall in love too fast)

It’s best to see more than 2-3 homes. Falling for a house based on love at first tour can be a huge mistake. It’s wise to see 6-7+ homes when buying a new home. Maybe even 10 when buying a first time home. This brings us to the topic of our next tip… Know what you want before you see any homes.

#2 Keep a Home Buyer Checklist of Your Home Must Haves

Want a swimming pool? Cool, add it to the list. It’s wise to have 3 options. Must Have, Must Not Have, and Would be nice

Here is a common checklist for new home buyers

  • Desired Square Footage: (ex: 2,100 SQ FT)
  • Max Price: (ex: $245,000) * this will get taken care of later when you get pre approved
  • Home Type: Single Family, Condo, Townhouse
  • Pool: Yes, No, Community
  • School district (an often overlooked topic. Be aware of the elementary, middle, and high schools in the area)
  • Max HOA and Taxes (When narrowing down homes later compare these numbers)
  • Here’s Great home buying checklist to keep you on top of the home buying process (PDF)


#3 Don’t make offers without understanding what you can afford

  • Lots of home buyers make this common mistake…
  • They Invest countless hours planning, researching, and touring homes without knowing what they can afford to buy.
  • This can waste multiple peoples time. Yours, Agents, Seller Agents, and the seller.
  • The best way to avoid this is getting your financials in order and that takes us to our next tip…

#4 Get Pre-Approved for Your Home Loan

Most agents and sellers will not take you as a serious buyer until you are Pre-Approved. It also gives you a much better idea of what you can afford.

As an example for this post let’s say your submit your info to a bank and get Pre-Approved for 275,000

It’s best to shop within your Pre-Approved limit. As the transition continues with offers it’s more common for this number to get smaller. This also keeps you well within your budget and able to afford your home for years to come. Sometimes the bank can increase the amount that has to be paid down on a home loan.


#5 Don’t Try to Time the Market

Buying a house has enough hurdles to jump through. Don’t try to make the transaction more difficult on yourself and all parties involved.

#6 Ask your Realtor (We’re here to help. Lean on us.)

We buy and sell houses ever day. If you have a questions or 25, there is a good chance we have helped someone else with that question last week or month. We understand how many steps are involved when buying a home and how overwhelming buying can feel. We are here to help each step of the way.

#7 Scout the Near by Homes

  • Using a million websites online you can take a look at the prices of homes near by
  • Don’t be afraid to lean on your realtor. They live and breath the real estate market.
  • It’s also good to look at near by neighborhoods values

#8 Have your Ducks in a Row (papers, tax, and job details)

Finding a home and closing can take anywhere from 60 to 100’s of days. To make the home buying process as painless as possible its best for you and your partners to get the following things in order (everyone applying for the loan should provide)

  • W2 Information (for the past 2-3 years)
  • Address verification
  • Multiple Income Statements (aka the last 2-5 paychecks)
  • Job History and employment status
  • Money in the bank
  • Any one donating money to your down payment will need to provide their banking information
    • 12 – 24 months depending on the bank providing the loan
    • It’s best to let your agent know as soon as possible if you will need money donations from friends and family
    • Letting your agent know will help towards not extending closing dates

#9 Understand the process (bidding, appraisals, inspection, and closing)

There is an art and a science to bidding. Nothing worth stressing over.
It’s best to not gush over a house, as it can come back to hurt you if the sellers are keen to it.

Appraisals are a standard part of the buying process.
You will need to have an appraisal on the home and offer.

You need to have your home inspected.
Don’t invest 100s of thousands of dollars on buying a home without hiring a home inspection company.
Here is a great local home inspection company – Dream Home Inspection

How long does closing take?

Closing normally takes 45 days. It’s best to listen and lean on your agent here.
They have dealt with many home transactions and can usually help you with a realistic closing timeline vs a desired one.
One of the worse mistakes you can make it trying to force a closing date in a tight window.

Buying a home includes lots of paper work, document signing, and processing.
Don’t try to cram it in a limited amount of days. It’s not worth the stress.
A fairly standard closing time is 30 – 45 days depending on how qualified the buyer is.

#10 Tour the home area in the morning and evening (not just the viewing)

Lots of buyers fall victim to the “seen it”, “love it”, and “want it”.
They spend time looking at pictures online and get started with offers and moving forward.

Even if you do still settle on the same house, it’s best to take a trip to the home in the morning and evening.
You might find the morning traffic that would drive you nuts or partying neighbors.

If you are going to be living there for multiple years, it’s worth some light investigating.
This also helps you mull over some other options and avoid falling in love too fast.

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