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Buying & Selling Real Estate in Ormond Beachside, FL

Ormond Beachside is a unique community filled with a luxurious and charming small-town grace. Here you’ll find beachside bliss, a variety of diverse annual events, and a historic downtown area that is always thriving.

Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Halifax River, Ormond Beach is filled with opportunities to enjoy the water in a tropical climate. For those who seek the benefits of a relaxing trip around town and the convenience of a short trip to Daytona Beach or Orlando, Ormond Beach is an ideal place to call home.

Stop Dreaming … Start Living!

As a local 4th generation native to Ormond Beach, Mike Glisson knows what this area really has to offer. With over 15 years of real estate experience, he specializes in helping home owners sell to the right buyer and helping buyers find their dream homes in Ormond’s beautiful Beachside area.

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Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, you need an experienced Realtor who’s looking out for your best interests. Mike Glisson has the tools, experience, and knowledge to sell Ormond Beach homes and get you into the house of your dreams.

Mike is the Realtor for you!

"If you at looking for a realtor who listens to what you are looking for and is knowledgeable about the real estate industry, then Mike is the Realtor for you! We had a nightmare of a time with other realtors while trying to relocate to Ormond Beach. We were so lucky to find Mike! He helpers to find the perfect new home and acted completely 100% on our behalf! We appreciated everything you did for us Mike!"

Ormond Beach
Katrina Oberle

Purchased my dream home at a fraction of the cost!

"Thank you so much for your savvy expertise which enabled me to purchase my dream home at a fraction of the cost. You are without a doubt the best in your field. Also want to thank you for the expedience in which you sold me existing home. Till the next project..."

Daytona Beach
Patty Westbrock

Mike was not only a wonderful, helpful agent, he became a friend!

"My husband and I had our condo for sale by owner. Mike contacted us several days after we listed it on Zillow. He said he had someone who he wanted to show the condo too. We were cautious because several other agents had tried to take advantage of our inexperience. He wasn't greedy or pushy and from the start we felt very comfortable with him. Four days after listing it we had a strong contract through Mike. He acted as a transaction agent for half the usual listing commission. He did all the legal paperwork for us and the buyer. Mike made it easy, enjoyable and painless selling our beach front condo. Mike was not only a wonderful, helpful agent, he became a friend as well. We would highly recommend him."

Ormond Beach
Caryn Carney Toney

Mike's knowledge of Ormond Beach real estate is second-to-none!

"When I first came to Florida, I was immediately drawn to the beauty of Ormond Beach and knew that Ormond was where I wanted to buy a home. Mike's knowledge of Ormond Beach real estate is second-to-none and he found the perfect house for me, right by the water! Not only was Mike an effective real estate agent, but he is a totally down to Earth, fun guy to be around, which obviously is helpful during a process that can be as stressful as home buying."

Daytona Beach
Nick Cangemi

Commonly Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked real estate questions

What is the average cost of a home in Ormond Beachside?

The current average cost of beachside Ormond Beach real estate is $270,000. This includes condos and houses for sale, but does not include lots/land for sale.

How much experience do you have selling homes in Ormond Beachside?

I have over 12 years of real estate experience helping homeowners sell to the right buyer and helping buyers find their dream homes in Ormond’s beautiful Beachside area.

What schools are in Ormond Beachside?

There are four Beachside schools that serve Ormond Beach residents:

  • Osceola Elementary School (Public)
  • Salty Kids Pre-School (Private)
  • St. Brendan's Catholic School (Private)
  • Seabreeze High School (Public)

There are four additional schools that are located close by on the mainland in Ormond Beach, east of US1:

  • Ormond Beach Elementary School (Public)
  • Ormond Beach Middle School (Public)
  • The Children's House of Ormond Beach (Private)
  • Ormond Beach Christian Academy (Private)

Additional schools to the west of US1 are just a short drive into the heart of Ormond Beach.

What is the average temperature in Ormond Beach?

Ormond Beach enjoys warmer temperatures than most of the United States year-round, with summertime weather that begins while northern states are still in winter and typically stretches well into November.

Summer Averages:
High of 88ºF
Low of 72ºF

Winter Averages:
High of 68ºF
Low of 46ºF

What is Ormond Beachside like?

Located just north of Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach is a small town with elegant first-class amenities for its residents and visitors. Ormond Beachside is home to a historic area complete with shops, restaurants, parks, gardens, museums, golf courses, churches, residences, and―perhaps most importantly―beautiful beaches. Throughout the year, residents can enjoy various cultural and recreational events in the historic downtown area, along Granada Boulevard.

How many people live in Ormond Beach, FL?

The United States Census Bureau estimated that just over 43,000 people lived in Ormond Beach as of 2018. However, due to the geography of Ormond Beach, a significant portion of the population is located on the mainland.

How can I buy a home in Ormond Beach?

The first step to buying a home in Ormond Beach is to contact an experienced Realtor who will look out for your best interests. I have the tools, experience, and knowledge to help you find the house of your dreams.

How long does it take to close on a house in Ormond Beach?

It takes about 50 days on average to close on a house, which allows buyers who require mortgages time to finish their loan process and conduct an appraisal of the property. However, if you happen to be purchasing a home with cash, your closing time may be virtually non-existent.

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